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Namaste Yoga

Yoga means union. Union with the supreme soul, the soul of all beings. Namaste is the gesture and the opportunity to unite with the supreme soul. What is the meaning of the word Namaste? It is a Sanskrit word. It means (nah + mas + te = namaste)  “The Love and Light within me Honor the Love and Light in you.”  In namaste the  hands are kept together at the heart chakra to increase the flow of spiritual love energy.  Sometimes hands are placed together in front of the third eye center to increase  the flow of wisdom energy.

Namaste - Yoga
Namaste – Yoga

In namaste  yoga, the mudra is practiced in different locations of the body to balance the parana – the chi energy. The basic is that two hands should be joined together. Hands represent our brain, when we join two hands together, it balances the energy of that center. It brings balance between the left-brain and the right-brain.

In namaste mudra, I honor the spirit in us where the entire universe is connected, I honor the energy in us where the entire universe resides, I honor the wisdom in us, the light, love, truth and peace in us. I honor the wisdom that there is no division; there is no I or you. There is only the one and the supreme.

Namaste is a balancing mudra. The concepts and wisdom of namaste are quite complex and deeper, and can be expanded upon almost endlessly. The two hands represent the two sides of dualism. Everything in this world is dual in nature. By joining the left and right, we can make the energy towards a new balance that are beneficial for all in this universe.

namaste-mudraNamaste is also known as the Anjali Mudra, paying homage to the God. Our brain is linked with the nerves and the muscles of  our hands. The fact is that we are either left-brained or right-brained. Hence, it is important that we improve the less-dominant side of the brain. Namaste is the mudra of activating and balancing both the hemispheres of the brain. Our brain works on the principle of “use it or lose it”.  The more we use it together, the better it gets.  Namaste mudra is the simple way to improve the balance and the coordination between both sides of the brain.



Kristin Russel

Kristin Russel is a certified yoga teacher, nutritionist, independent medical researcher, natural health consultant and author of many books. She marries the best of yoga, meditation, Ayurveda, nutrition science, and western medicine to help people get to the root of their imbalances and find optimal health. She is the author of many holistic health books including Beautiful hair: natural care, Yoga for Hair Growth and Yoga for Glowing Skin. She is a Wellness Specialist, Soul-Coach. She creates personalized packages for corporate and individuals seeking wellness solutions and adventure travel for the soul.