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Unity in Diversity: International Yoga Day 2023: Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam

As the world comes together to celebrate International Yoga Day 2023, we embark on a journey that delves into the profound meaning of a sacred Sanskrit sloka composed by Sri Amit Ray. This eloquent verse encapsulates the essence of yoga, emphasizing unity, well-being, and inner peace.

Vasudhaiva kuṭumbakam - yoga jyoti namastute!
Vasudhaiva kuṭumbakam – yoga jyoti namastute!

Let us explore the significance of this sloka in the context of International Yoga Day and how it inspires us to embrace the transformative power of yoga.

Embracing Diversity and Unity:

The sloka begins with the powerful message, “Amidst the manifold diversity, let unity prevail.” It reminds us that in a world filled with diverse cultures, backgrounds, and perspectives, yoga serves as a unifying force. It teaches us to transcend differences, embrace inclusivity, and recognize the interconnectedness of all beings. On this International Yoga Day, let us strive to celebrate and honor the richness of our diversities while fostering a sense of unity and harmony within ourselves and in the global community.

The World as One Cosmic Family:

The sloka beautifully proclaims, “For the world is but one cosmic family, without fail.” It highlights the profound truth that we are all interconnected, and our actions ripple through the fabric of existence. Yoga teaches us to expand our awareness and cultivate a deep sense of interconnectedness with all living beings. As we come together on this special day, let us embrace the notion of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam, which means “the world is one family.” By nurturing compassion, empathy, and respect for one another, we can create a more harmonious and peaceful world.

Dispelling Sorrows and Cultivating Wellness:

The sloka further states, “With yoga’s illuminating light, sorrows it dispels.” Here, we recognize yoga as a powerful tool to alleviate suffering, both physical and emotional. Through the practice of yoga, we cultivate mindfulness, find inner balance, and release the burdens that weigh us down. On this International Yoga Day, let us immerse ourselves in the transformative practices of yoga, embracing its ability to heal, rejuvenate, and bring us closer to a state of well-being.

Radiant Light of Peace and Joy:

The sloka continues, “Bestowing peace and joy, it guides us on the way.” It reminds us that yoga is not just a physical practice but a holistic path that leads us towards inner peace and true happiness. Through the practice of yoga, we discover the profound connection between our body, mind, and spirit. It becomes a source of solace, tranquility, and joy, enabling us to navigate the challenges of life with grace and resilience.


As we commemorate International Yoga Day, the sacred Sanskrit sloka composed by Guruji,  Sri Amit Ray reminds us of the profound essence of unity in diversity. It underscores the transformative power of yoga in purifying the mind, healing the body, and fostering a sense of interconnectedness among all beings.

Let us embody unity, embrace our shared humanity, and spread the light of yoga’s transformative power. May the practice of yoga continue to inspire and guide us towards a world where diversity is celebrated, wellness is nurtured, and peace prevails. On this International Yoga Day, let us come together, united in the spirit of yoga, and embark on a journey of self-discovery, well-being, and collective harmony.

On this special day, let us embrace the teachings of yoga and cultivate harmony, compassion, and understanding within ourselves and in our interactions with others. Through the practice of yoga, we can collectively create a more inclusive and harmonious world, where unity and diversity coexist in beautiful harmony.



Kristin Russel

Kristin Russel is a certified yoga teacher, nutritionist, independent medical researcher, natural health consultant and author of many books. She marries the best of yoga, meditation, Ayurveda, nutrition science, and western medicine to help people get to the root of their imbalances and find optimal health. She is the author of many holistic health books including Beautiful hair: natural care, Yoga for Hair Growth and Yoga for Glowing Skin. She is a Wellness Specialist, Soul-Coach. She creates personalized packages for corporate and individuals seeking wellness solutions and adventure travel for the soul.