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Water Kriya Yoga at Home

Water kriya is a very ancient yoga practice.  For doing water kriya yoga you don’t need to go to an ocean or river. You can do water kriya yoga at your home. You can purchase a SPA (HOT TUB) at your home.

The first thing of water kriya yoga is, you need to drink sufficient water. Depending upon your physical condition the water intake varies. Usually, consumption of two to three litres of water per day is good enough.  Drinking sufficient amount of water eliminates toxins from brain. Depression, anxiety, giddiness, meningitis, migraine, fatigue, headache and fever are also well guarded by water.

Water Kriya Yoga
Water Kriya Yoga

Water Kriya:

Water kriya is a very ancient yoga practice. It includes water yoga exercises, Neti Kriya, Dhouti Kriya. You may do water yoga exercises at swimming pool. These exercises are very gentle and good for health. Swimming pools offer more space than hot tubs, allowing for more vigorous exercises. In present day, Neti Kriya and Dhouti Kriya are not so important. Alternate nasal water intake is important. But you must learn it from a master. There are many variations in water Kriya Yoga.


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