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Hair Care

Yoga for Hair Growth:

Yoga for Hair GrowthThis eBook offers specific yoga techniques for hair growth and stopping hair loss. Even just 15 minutes of these yoga and breathing exercises daily can help you grow strong beautiful healthy hair in a natural way.
The breathing exercises, yoga postures, mudras and the food habits for growing healthy hair are discussed in details. The relation between hair loss and hormones is explained and yoga exercises for bringing hormonal balance are also recommended.
The book discusses specific Yoga postures, breathing exercises and hand gestures that can rectify the root causes for hair loss. These yoga techniques naturally enhance the circulation of the blood to the scalp, improve digestion and also reduce stress and anxiety levels in the body and mind and thus ensures growth of healthy hair. These methods are also known to improve the oxygen consumption by the cells of the scalp and the supply of required nutrients to the head.

Hair-Growth eBook

Beautiful Hair: Natural Care

Hair Loss - Natural Remedies, Hair Care

For a long time the readers of my blog requested more information on natural hair care. They requested for tips on shampooing, coloring and conditioning of hair for healthy hair and also remedies to stop hair loss.

Incidentally I myself has also been deeply interested on the topic of the use of herbs and natural ingredients for health and hair care. As a result, I have gone through extensive research on this topic. I have been successful in finding and applying many natural recipe to hair care. The book “Beautiful Hair: Natural Care” came out after one year of extensive research. The book contains many natural recipe, tips and diets for¬†stopping hair loss and growing strong beautiful healthy hair- the natural way.¬† I hope you will find the book helpful.

Hair-Growth eBook

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