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My Yoga Masters

I learnt the art of real yoga from many masters.   I have a deep respect for all of them.  All the masters are unique in their own way and have different teaching styles.

I am very blessed to have them, and I relish my time with them.  My yoga teacher’s combined areas of training make my yoga experiences a total and complete mental, physical and spiritual training experience that fills the rest of my life with peace, love and joy.

Real yoga is much more than posture. But correct posture is extremely important.  Yoga teaches the mind and body to become consciously conscious of perfect posture.  The more I perform yoga, the more I become aware of poor posture because my mind and body learnt to work subconsciously and in harmony. I learnt to breath correctly, and to sit, stand, walk in a correct manner. Masters taught me the skills to keep body, mind and soul in perfect harmony.

Himalayan yoga and spiritual master  revered Sri  Amit Ray ji of Uttarkashi taught me; how to be a happier human being, how to be relaxed in every situation, how to have more energy in life, how to make the organs to function efficiently, how to make better decisions in life, how to be kinder to the self and the others.

I am lucky to have great real masters.

Thank you God