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Visual Khechari Mudra

I learnt the great art of visual khechari mudra from the Himalayan yogi Sri Amit Ray ji of Uttarkashi. According to him it is not necessary to cut your tongue to practice khechari mudra. Khechari mudra releases the subtle astral knot of the tongue. It is also vital to bear in mind that techniques alone can never give you enlightenment or liberation. However, khechari mudra is a significant exercise to wash away the past karmas, the impressions and the samaskars. It is also known as kechari mudra. It is part of kriya yoga.

Sri Amit Ray ji strongly advised that “For getting success in khechari mudra, it is not required to cut the frenulum (the soft membrane under the tongue). To get success you need to use your imaginative power that will connect the negative energy of the tongue with the positive energy of the third eye. That connection gives eternal bliss”  According to him khechari mudra is a combination of mental and physical exercise.  Role of physical tongue exercise is very little. During the process, you just need to fold the tongue to touch the upper palate and keep the tongue in a very comfortable and relax position.

Khechari Mudra Technique:

Mostly it is a mental visualization process. First concentrate on the tip of the tongue and then concentrate on the tip of the uvula, the little tongue. Gradually build the awareness around the little tongue.  According to him building a visual micro loop around the third-eye, throat, tip of the tongue and the uvula is the secret of khechari mudra. It is much more than the physical tongue exercise techniques. Devotion, love, awareness and purity is the key to khechari mudra.

Paramhansa Yogananda in his book “little tongue” published in 1926 mentioned about khechari Mudra. He explained the role of khechari Mudra  to achieve the deep spiritual states of consciousness.

In the ancient text Siva samhita it is mentioned “Pointing the tongue upwards, when the yogi can drink the nectar flowing from the two eye-brows, within a month he certainly would conquer death” [2.72] Of course it is not talking about the physical death.

You may know more about Khechari Mudra


the little tongue
the little tongue




Kristin Russel

Kristin Russel is a certified yoga teacher, nutritionist, independent medical researcher, natural health consultant and author of many books. She marries the best of yoga, meditation, Ayurveda, nutrition science, and western medicine to help people get to the root of their imbalances and find optimal health. She is the author of many holistic health books including Beautiful hair: natural care, Yoga for Hair Growth and Yoga for Glowing Skin. She is a Wellness Specialist, Soul-Coach. She creates personalized packages for corporate and individuals seeking wellness solutions and adventure travel for the soul.

2 thoughts to “Visual Khechari Mudra”

  1. For centuries Mankind has searched for the Holy Grail/Chalise
    Its rumoured to hold the Nectar of life within it.
    Drinking this Nectar Legend states give immortality.
    Sai Baba says the Holy Chalise/Grail exists within
    There is no need search here and there.
    The Holy Grail/Chalise and Nectar of Life is activated within.
    How? Read on

    Sept 2005

    I was taught to roll the tongue upwards and slightly backwards in our Kriya Yoga
    ……………….Initiation, Qigong and by Sai Baba,
    ………………… (of course when we talk we allow the tongue to straighten)!
    Roll the tongue always said our masters-=- all the time.
    I had meticulously rolled my tongue for approx 6 months, when one day I became fed up.
    I went to the mirror, looked at myself and said Sai Baba I am Fed up no more rolling my Tongue I look stupid, I feel stupid No More.
    I stopped rolling my tongue.

    A Couple of hours later I was praying in my car when suddenly Sai Baba appeared and said, “Amarjit come with me”.
    Baba took me out of my body, we were hovering over Biggin Hill Airport looking down into my body.
    I could see myself sitting in the car praying with my tongue rolled backwards.
    …….Sai Baba said, “Amarjit, look at the effect of rolling your tongue!”.
    Then the most incredible drama happened. Sai Baba gave me X-ray eyes – I could see into my body.

    I saw this huge Divine (click here) Chakra, opening in my forehead.

    I was shown the creation of the Nectar of life and flowing down my brain, throat into my spine and flowing into where it was Karmically needed.
    The Taste was Unlike none other. It was the Holy Nectar of the Gods.
    ………….It sent me into Divine Ecstasy.
    Sai Baba spoke,
    “Why does mankind seek the HOLY GRAIL here and there. ( click here : Holy Grail )
    The Holy Grail lies within your Temple, your body. This Holy Grail/ Soma/Nectar/Ambrosia can be activated by rolling your tongue upwards and backwards, Amarjit!”
    In your body is contained all the universes of creation. Cherish this!
    Roll your tongue as much as you can, so long as you roll this the Nectar of life/Soma nectar will be activated “.
    This Soma Nectar/Amrita is released down our spine into our 72,000 Nadi system. Wherever the Soma Nectar drips there we will never accumulate Karma. Its like a Cosmic Teflon, where Karma cannot accumulate.
    Imagine a force which enters your life and says from now on in this particular circumstance you will not accumulate any Karma here, this is the force of the Soma Nectar. Pictures of Shiva shown with the Crescent moon on his forehead The moon is the Soma Chakra. Because this Nectar is Akin a Nuclear explosion only a small amount is released at any one time. It can only be activated Thru Gods Grace or initiation in a dream or by the grace of a True Sadguru in flesh.
    When you roll your tongue the Great wine of the Yogis the Nectar of immortality starts flowing. (You will notice an increase in saliva flow. This gives much stilness in your mind, great calmness and healing). Also the increased saliva will help with any stomach problems.
    The Yogis snip below the tongue for greater flexibility. Sai Baba says this is not necessary for us.
    To activate the Holy Grail/Soma Chakra into a great force the Kechari Mantra is mentally chanted while rolling the tongue upwards and backwards.. This achieves Immortality of the Ego Mind Personality.
    Swami Sivananda says 500,000 repetitions of this great mantra banishes wrinkles and grey hair. Why roll the tongue at all.
    Click here: YouTube – Kechari Mantra
    acknowledgement to my Mantra Guru
    Click here: Chakra – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Sai Baba says “Why does Mankind keep running around looking for outside HIGH’S
    Within the human Body God has bestowed on us Divine Mansions”
    (Jesus said “In my Father’s House there are many mansions”
    our body is our Fathers house.)
    The greatest ecstasy comes from chanting the Name of God with the tongue rolled up or service to mankind, . Mother Teresa did not need drugs etc she was on constant high serving and chanting the name of God :
    What is kechari mudra? Let’s put it in terms that we can easily
    relate to. A centimeter or two above the roof of our mouth is located
    one of the most ecstatically sensitive organs in our whole body. It
    can be reached relatively easily with our tongue. It is located on
    the back edge of our nasal septum, and when the nervous system is
    purified enough through advanced yoga practices, our tongue will roll
    back and go up into the cavity of our nasal pharynx to find the
    sensitive edge of our septum.
    When this happens, it is like a master
    switch is closed in our nervous system, and all of our advanced yoga
    practices and experiences begin to function on a much higher level.
    When kechari is entered naturally, we come on to the fast track of

    English Translation: Extract from The Sikh Guru Granth Sahib
    RAAMKALEE, FIFTH MEHL: It is beyond the three qualities; it remains untouched. The seekers and Siddhas do not know it. There is a chamber filled with jewels, overflowing with Ambrosial Nectar, in the Guru’s Treasury. || 1 || This thing is wonderful and amazing! It cannot be described. It is an unfathomable object, O Siblings of Destiny! || 1 ||
    Its value cannot be estimated at all; what can anyone say about it? By speaking and describing it, it cannot be understood; only one who sees it realizes it. || 2 || Only the Creator Lord knows it; what can any poor creature do? Only He Himself knows His own state and extent. The Lord Himself is the treasure overflowing. || 3 || Tasting such Ambrosial Nectar, the mind remains satisfied and satiated. Says Nanak, my hopes are fulfilled; I have found the Guru’s Sanctuary. || 4 || 4 ||


  2. LESSONS FROM GOD : Holy Grail Holy Chalise Our tongue – Our Energy Electric switch. (Kechari Mudra)

    Sai Baba spoke, Our tongue is one of the secret activation centres within our body.

    It is the Main electrical switch to access our Divine Spiritual Meridians
    In our previous lesson the Holy Grail, the Soma Nectar, the Nectar of Life,
    is activated by rolling our tongue upwards and slightly backwards.
    How many of you practice this? For those who do :

    It increases Calmness and our concentration into deeper God conciousness.

    It increases the flow of Saliva? This aids in digestion and dissolves many diseases in the body!

    Roll the tongue as you mentally chant your prayers/mantras as they become even more powerful!

    `Rolling the tongue creates an abundance of Internal Healing Chi and fluid. This fluid which flows like a waterfall down through the palate across the upper palate to the back down to the mouth and the throat (Twelve storied pagoda) from where we are able to swallow it down to fill the other two Tan Tiens. This water is also known as the nectar, water of life or the golden elixir the Soma Nectar.

    Some Benefits of the Khechari Mudra?
    A regular, proficient practice of Khechari Mudra releases the very elixir of life.

    The term “khechari” is derived from two Sanskrit roots that are translated as meaning “one who moves the sky.” In other words, an ardent practice of this tongue lock mudra propels devotee into a state of the universal awareness of God. As the tongue puts pressure on the soft palate in the middle indentation located on the roof of the mouth, a variety of sensitive glands are stimulated and are release tiny drops of ambrosial nectar.

    This nectar is known as amrita in Sanskrit. It is said to relieve all hunger and thirst in very advanced practitioners. For the rest of us, it clears the energetic pathways of the Sushumna Nadi and allows the awakened Kundalini Shakti energy to continue her ascension up through the seven chakras until she pierces the Crown Chakra where the devotee’s consciousness

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